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Whether you’re looking for an intimate one on one experience, a group transformation or a daily bout of inspiration, Rona offers her wisdom/teachings through various outlets for you to connect.

Meet Rona

Rona is a life transformative coach, dedicated to empowering her clients to take back their power, mindfully channel their energy and realize they are the creators of their life experiences. Rona incorporates the Law of Attraction and the Art of Manifestation to guide clients in unleashing their greatest super power - themselves.



Whether it’s a one on one, group, VIP, or summit session, this time is about you. There’s no greatness in comfort. Together, we can live inspired.

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One on one sessions. Looking to make a more direct or targeted shift? This one on one service is for clients who are seeking a particular strategy for a clearly defined transformation, without the weekly group studio lessons or group experience.
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Group sessions. There is certainly a transformative power in numbers and studies show peer support systems breed significant growth. This group coaching studio offers clients the opportunity to be a part of supportive, like minded group of peers who inspire and foster group accountability. In this studio package the client receives weekly workbooks, lesson plans and exercises to further cement the transformation.
VIP Sessions Want the best of both worlds? The VIP package is for clients looking to have the intimacy with the one on one coaching, as well as the support from a likeminded group.The one on one added feature here allows a deeper implementation experience for the client, beyond that of the group lessons.
Summit Session
Summit sessions. Looking to find Rona’s latest speaking engagement? Plug into Rona’s summit calendar where you can find opportunities to be a part of both in person and virtual workshops… find a topic that interests you and save a spot!

I had the most amazing realizations about myself in Rona’s class. She allowed me to be vulnerable and go deep into issues that I felt stuck on until I felt completely cleared. Her course is different from other Lifecoach courses. It is spiritual and connects you with the most positive version of yourself. I am truly thankful for the experience.

Patricia Levy

Rona has personally allowed me to tackle certain worries by providing me with powerful tools that allow me to tap into a more positive mindset whenever I catch myself overwhelmed with worry. This journey with Rona is truly priceless !

Shannon G Ram

In a world with so much confusion, divisiveness, stress, unknown, we are responding to the world around us rather than experiencing it. Rona has the incredible gift of creating an experiential healing process in which she engages us and allows us to engage with ourselves in an honest way. Thank you Rona for the beautiful experience. You are uniquely gifted.

Adi Genish

Rona is an absolute inspiration and burst of positivity! Her ability to describe feelings and present ideas to lift away resistance and stressors in life and redirect those feelings toward true goals and positive desires is inspiring.

Chelsea Schames

Everyone needs a little push in their lives to come out of their little bubble so they can reach their goals, and that’s what Rona does.

I AM good enough for what I want. Thank you for reminding me, Rona!

Julia Asnadi

Rona’s coaching sessions gives you the key on how to start making positive changes in your life. She’s knowledgeable and passionate about her work, which makes you feel inspired to follow your goals. 

Pantea Bahari

Rona has a very special way of delivering exactly what you need to hear, the way you need to hear it! She is deep and connected as well as educated and experienced to give you a great kick start to whatever direction you need to elevate your life to. 

Jasmine Rastegar

If you are looking to bring in some divine vibes and reach the best you are meant to be in life then Rona is your person to go to! She overflows with wisdom and intelligence beyond her years! 

Nely Amona

Using the lessons of manifestation, meditation and gratitude I feel as though I can conquer daily challenges and stressors in a more effective manner. Her teachings are now a daily part of my ritual. Thank you Rona!

Nelie Amini

Rona’s words and techniques were inspiring and really touched my soul. Her tools are simple and easy to understand in creating a calmer more meaningful life. I highly recommend taking her coaching classes!

Mahsa Shamsa

Rona has the unique ability to inspire and enlighten others with real life experiences and wisdom. She reminds us that abundance is within our reach, and gives us practical steps to achieve what we want in life. I look forward to growing more with Rona’s coaching.

Susan Arasteh